by Stanley Lieber

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ISBN-10: 1722186666
ISBN-13: 978-172218666

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good ONE STAR! maybe it will be rewritten someday
because its public domain

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book one of three

96 pgs.

by stanleylieber

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A short adventure starring Piro and Actron. 36 pgs.

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by stanleylieber

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Stanley Leiber writes some weird stuff. Equal parts Henry Miller, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, and cheap military paperbacks, his work defies easy classification—but who would want to classify something about time-traveling drug dealers, cultist comic book writers, and scam-artist child prodigies?

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    to	stanley.lieber@gmail.com
    date	Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 1:27 AM
    subject	CUT THE "B.S." YOU "FAG"
    mailed-by	hotmail.com hide details 1:27 AM (13 hours ago) no, i dont know. im just kidding; drunk, not hostile. but i think its cool
    that you posted those questions i asked you on the website for your novel.
    i showed my girlfriend, wondering if it would make her think i was a really
    cool person. i guess not. thank you anyways. but what is the "real 'deal'" with with "anyways"? how old are you/where did you go to school/what happened to you to make you
    write these odd stories? i can guess at classic comics. but drop the crap; what is your objective? ill request you be as clear as
    possible with how you explain your answers but i cant expect anything i guess. anyways, i find an affinity in what you post and how it tends to relate to
    my own concepts. gay gay gay. peter s.

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The Print Edition of 'CRASH ORIGIN', the 48 pg.
preface/addendum to my novel, 1OCT1993,
is now available at Amazon.com.